Slugs Don't Have Souls


"hey, do you want the rest of my salad?"image

"how about some of my fries?"image

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Hannibal by MattDeMino

I love “I Wanna Be Yours” by the Arctic Monkeys cause I’ve gotten so many pick up lines from it


"omg shailene and ansel are siblings in one movie and a couple in another that’s so weird"

yeah it’s almost like they’re actors or something

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Hannibal: Eats people
Hannibal: It's a metaphor


ok guys so i need to clean out my gif folder but i have some gems in here so heres what im gonna fo

the first 3337 people to reblog this will get a totally random gif in their inbox

obviously if you dont have your submission box open i cant send you one but ill drop you an ask saying it wasnt open

if i have a gif that goes with your blog i may give you that one

I will do this until im out of gifs to give

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